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Andy from Roadpro

Andy from Roadpro – the man on the telly

 NEC Motorhome Show 2012: Now here’s a man it’s difficult not to like and always one of my favourite stands.  Andy at Roadpro always seems like a gentleman.

I absolutely refuse to be laden down with brochures and bits of this and that to lug around the show.  The one exception to this rule is the RoadPro catalogue which I always take because it contains such a great deal of useful information as well as good detail on the various products on offer.

One gizmo I miss from our old N and B Flair was a gauge which told me at all times the state of the batteries and how many amps were eiher going in or coming out of the battery bank.  When you run a big inverter with a wife who lkes to run her hairdryer for extended periods this can be useful information to have.  Even if.  like us, you have a generator onboard, you don’t always want to annoy the neighbours in the early hours or draw attenton to yourelves when wild camping.

Andy gives me his opinion on the various battery monitoring products, shows me which is the cleverest (and most expensive) and which one more importantly is the most useful (and cheapest).  He has softly sold me on getting one of these fitted.  I will get it done next time I am passing.

We also exchange views on our Roadpro sat done which has been very good. I am less happy wih the Goodmans Freesat HD receiver which I notice they no longer sell.  The advice is that the software on the Goodmans system was very early days and was pretty poor.  I concur – that needs to be changed too.  Looks like it will be an expensive trip when I get to them but at least you can stay over at their premises for free.

Probably realising that he has soft sold me on various bits and pieces of upgrades he offers an olive branch and asks if he can have a photo of my RS with the Roadpro dome for the front page of the catalogue.  No problem says I.

Finally, Andy tells me he has done a TV review of the RS Elysian  for the motorhome channel and says he has given it a good rep.  Goes out on October 29th or you can see it on the internt, part of a 60 minute special on the NEC show.  I shall watch with interest.  On now to Dometic to talk about problems with fridges and toilets.

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