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Alde Stand – very helpful

NEC Show 2012: Still with me or did you get left behind at RS, Vanbitz, Britstops or Motorhome WFi – click here to find your way back.  Stay with me because now I am literally, turning up the heat and it all starts with a visit to Alde.

We really like our Alde heating and hot water system, domestic style and not a dry heat that you might get with blown air.  However, we found that high up in the alps in the depths of winter at getting on for -20 degrees C we were struggling a bit.  There are two issues, altitude and cold, both of which are going to affect the efficiency of any gas operated system.  Off hook up it was taking some time to warm up and definitely not quite as cosy as we would like.  On hook up we found ourselves pumping as much electric into it as we could without tripping the campsite in order to really maintain the heat.

I went for a chat on the Alde stand.  He felt the system should have coped but advised that we should perhaps change the glycol and bleed the system.  I don’t think I really buy into that.  I told him I was thinking of possibly supplementing the system with a diesel heater.  He told me (is this a scoop or advance notice, not sure) that Alde were working on a diesel option for the heating system.  Interesting indeed but not yet available and no expected release date.

So, off to Webasto and Eberspacher stands to  look at their diesel blown air heaters.  Very similarly priced for their 2kw and 4kw hot air only models.  Interestingly,when I mentioned altitude both pointed out that their 4Kw versions have an altitude adjustment to cater for the problems we were experiencing.  I think before our next trip up a cold mountain this is going to be an accessory I should add.

Personnel on all three stands were extremely polite and helpful which on Day 4 of a show is always good to see.  I have a couple more issues still to sort so onward to the next post.

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