Didn’t we have a lovely day (2)

NEC Show 2012

VanBitz ‘Driveable’ Stand

Next up and adjacent to RS Motorhomes was one of my favourite gadget stands – Vanbitz. Clearly, they have ‘doing a show’ down to a fine art as their stand is their specially adapted motorhome.  Side up, banners and leaflet stands out and hey presto – instant exhibition.

We have their Strikeback alarm which they fitted when way down in darkest Somerset back in late 2010.  Nice people on the stand and my first interesting fact of the day.  We have their trailer alarm fitted – it is a loop which you take around the trailer and plug into a trailer socket.  If the loop is broken  for example if someone were to attempt to take the trailer then the (very loud inside and out) alarm goes off.  We only just had reason to use it this year and I couldn’t get it to work.  Try as I might plugging it into my trailer socket it would not go off.  They even sent me a replacement loop which also failed to work.  The reason for the problem, entirely my own fault, not listening when I was told how to use it.  They install a sepaate trailer plug socket – I was plugging it in to the wrong place.  Idiot!  I discovered this (actually I didn’t, the auto electrician at RS showed me) whilst the vehicle was up on ramps for its service and the separate plug was immediately visible.  But this is the interesting factoid…

The auto electrician said he could beat the system easily – just bare the wires and rejoin the loop – beat it in less than a minute he said.  I put this to them on the Vanbitz stand only to be told that in fact, this would not work.  the resistance around the loop is constantly measured.  Any change or attempt to alter the loop once armed will immediately trigger the alarm.  One in the eye (ear) for the miscreant.  In summary, nice stand and nice people – which was a reflection of the day really.

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