Didn’t we have a lovely day (1)…

NEC Motorhome Show Saturday 20th October

  My day startd and finished at the RS Motorhomes stand with a few visits in between for a sit down.  Almost 100,000 visitors to the show and it felt to me like most of them were there on Saturday.  It was an excellent day, I visited my favourite stands and people and sorted out some issues as well as getting some good advice here and there.  So, prepare yourself for a series of long and rambling self absorbed posts!

Kicking off with the RS stand, they had several vehicles on show, all big, the Elysian (pictured) as well as an Endeavour, both of which can be driven on standard driving licences plus one of their monster Evolutions for which you need an HGV Class 2.  The Elysian was a really neat layout with no slideouts but still felt very spacious as they had built in some very curvy and comfy sofas.  All the usual bits and bats on board and it was attracting plenty of attention being a British built A Class – as I term it, ‘made in Barnsley from girders’.  One of the most noticeable things about the RS stand is that they just leave the doors open and let people go in and out as they please with just the odd warning about ‘no drinks please’ and ‘mind that rucksack on the woodwork’.  What a contrast to many others.  I tried several times to see any of the Concordes and the N & B Flair (for which I have a soft spot as we owned one previously) but could never manage to get on board.  Signs, ropes and shut doors.  I wonder how many sales they miss through this policy?  Sure, you get 100 tyre kickers for each serious customer but how many serious customers do you miss?  I hadn’t had a shave and they clearly thought I couldn’t afford one of their motorhomes and they couldn’t be bothered to ask.  OK, rant over and yes, this post is categorised in soapbox too.



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