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MMM Magazine September 2012 CoverReaders of the blog will know I am not a fan of sycophantic ‘Letters to the Editor’ (see Dear Sir, I am outraged).  I was moved to write to MMM this week after reading an item in the latest issue. You will probably spot my own weasely statement in the email copy below but the rest of the message is clear enough.

Originally the next sentence on this blog read  “I am also posting on here on the basis that it is unlikely to get an airing in MMMbut now I have to eat those words because I had an immediate response to my email inviting me to write up a ‘Living with a….’ article. So, full marks to MMM – again. (OK enough of the sycophantic fawning stuff now)!  Here is a copy of my email to them…

I am seldom moved to write to a magazine but twice now I have read something in MMM about A Class Motorhomes only being available from outside the UK. The latest being on p134 of the September issue (I wish I had kept note of the other but I didn’t but it was the same statement). I know it says ‘mainstream manufacturers’ but surely a business that has been around for many years building quality Motorhomes in the UK and more recently in the last two years an A Class which was Motorhome of the year last year should at least get a nod? I am the proud owner of an RS Elysian A Class, built in Barnsley and definitely as good as anything from the continent.

My blog www.annie-and-chris.com has got a number of pictures and also video and an article I wrote about taking the vehicle to Morocco and back. (You will also find a post saying how terrific I think the iPad Digital version of MMM is).

So come on, at least give our British manufacturers a mention where you can – they need all the help they can get!

Kind regards

Chris Tossell
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I will certainly be having a crack at said article so keep your eyes open in MMM, guess it will be a while before it appears as they must have these things stacked up in frpnt of them but great to be asked.

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