Greenbelt Festival

Greenbelt Cheltenham RacecourseDate of Stay August 24th 2012 to August 28th 2012: I can definitely say I am at the end of my weather tether – which sums up the Summer really.  I am here with Butterfingers at Greenbelt 2012 . They are running circus workshops for kids in the Parade Ring.  Deluged with rain on Saturday, Sunday pretty good and then Monday back to the wind and the rain.

Venue is Cheltenham Racecourse and it is a very relaxed festival with some good artists – Proclaimers were here on Sunday night, definitely one of my favourites.  Not sure what the racecourse officials are going to make of it as very large areas have turned into a sea of mud.  Fortunately (?) to be close to Butterfingers we opted to just park up in the car park for the weekend – just picked a spot on the edge where we could pop the slide outs out and waited to be blocked in so that no-one could ask us to move 🙂

Yes, that’s us in the middle of a thousand cars for the Bank Holiday!


Oh well, last festival of the year – surely next year the weather can’t be as bad…..

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