New iPad and MMM App Update

I have had my shiny new (white!) iPad, 64Gb WiFi and cellular for just over a week. As an everyday tool for email, FaceTime, looking after photos, reading, news etc etc etc I really don’t think it can be beaten. Let’s hope they invest sme of that $1 billion they just won on even more great improvements. Roll on iOS6.
My first major recommendation is that if you go for a cellular version opt for your 3G service from 3. Not only is the coverage brilliant (and I have everyday experience of T-Mobile and Vodafone both of which it beats hands down) it is also great value at around £15 per month for 10Gb of data which is plenty huge for almost anything you can think of. I am really looking forward to fitting the iBoost from Motorhome WiFi with their new omnidirectional aerial as soon as they are ready to ship it to me.
Previously, I said that the MMM app kept crashing on my original iPad. I am pleased to say that having just received the September digital issue of the magazine and having opened it, closed it, zoomed it, panned it and generally hurt it as much as I can – I just couldn’t make it crash. Was it my old iPad or a general fault with them I guess I will never know but I am really pleased with the MMM digital version and now I am even more pleased.
I have coPilot Premium HD Europe installed and just used it to get from Yorkshire to Cheltenham. Thoughts on that and how it compares to my onboard Snooper shortly.

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