Portable Printer for the Motorhome

HP 470 WBT Printer

Noticed a question in MMM August magazine about looking for a suitable printer for the motorhome.  I have had this one for around 18 months and picked it because it was battery as well as mains.  It has a rechargeable battery and prints in colour and black and white.  It comes with both bluetooth and wireless capability and prints at a reasonable speed.  It also comes in its own neat case and tucks away nicely in a neat small space.

I thought a printer would be really useful in the motorhome and I guess the fact is, when you need one, it is a god send, but you don’t actually need one very often – or at least, I don’t.  I would think I have used it less than once a month but on the plus side, you open it up, shove in a few sheets of paper and away it goes.  In my case printing from my installed Mac Mini.  However, there is no reason why it wouldn’t print from an iPad or other wireless/bluetooth device although I haven’t tried/needed to myself.

So, highly recommended, the link for the latest model is here – it looks like it is still shipping and is advertised at a number of stores from £172.

This guy liked it so much, he even posted his recommendation on You Tube




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