Lestival Juggling Convention 5th May 2012

Lestival Juggling Convention

Lestival Juggling Convention

A quick stop off at Brockington College in Blaby near Leicester where my wife was making a 4 hour appearance with Butterfingers stock for the attendees of Lestival Juggling Convention.

Good day and nice bunch of people, we got the vehicle nicely set up immediately outside the rear of the building.


Brockington College

Nice and easy to make coffee and while Annie did all the hard work, I watched Lord of the Rings with my grandson – what a film that is!  Afterwards it was off to stay on the driveway of a friend in Broughton Astley.  So, other than to tell you that if you attend the Lestival juggling convention on early May Bank Holiday weekend then there his a good place to park for the day, this is not really a post about where to stay.  However, return for May 6th and you can find out how to have a corker of a stay to include camels, zebras, tigers and clowns!



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